Stalking Death

And Other Ill-Advised Dating Techniques

Join 17-year-old Tyro on his afterlife journey as apprentice to the Grim Reaper herself. He's not happy about it, and neither is she. The Grim has a reputation to keep with the other quirky Deaths of Kansas City. In this existential dark comedy, Tyro asks the age-old question, 'Do people get what they deserve in Death?' And if so, what did he do to deserve this?

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Legions of the Claimed

A Dark Urban Fantasy Series

A hidden society dwelling in Modern-day Chicago. Back streets or River North.

Dive bars or hotel chic. Royalty or motorcycle mechanic.

Waitress or drug dealer. Wrong-place-wrong-time or bad choice.

It doesn't matter.

You wrong the Legion, you belong to the Legion. No questions asked. Once their antigen is in your blood, there is no escape. Your Designation is your life. And your life is no longer your own.

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