What Legion Designation are you?

Legion of the Claimed Designations and Personality Traits

Emissary - Pull others into their situations. Do what it takes to take care of themselves. They look out for number one.                     

Giver - Tough but kind. Takes no joy in revenge.

Regent - Personally lost. Avoids violence, but will take it upon themselves to save others. Likeable. Responsible.

Ruler - Must know sacrifice and be willing to sacrifice others for their society.

Broker - Recognize good and negative connections and are willing to make life-altering decisions for others. A player for all teams involved.

Service - Able to give people what they need. Sacrifices themselves for others well-being. A universal appeal to others physically or in their presence.

Cleaner - Meticulous. Tolerant of difficult and physically unpleasant situations.

Hound - Relentless. Physically determined. Attuned to others survival strategies.

Curator of Souls - Respectful and respectable. Private. Belief in the individual not the collective.

Shield - Physically brutal. Emotionally and action bound to those they care about and those who follow their code.

Sovereign Shield - A leader among men but unwilling to see one’s self in that role. A hate for, but loyalty to, the one they serve.

Erasure - Particular. Thorough. Clinical view of others. Not squeamish.

The Card - Good natured. Funny. Able to see the truth through the B.S. Always have the right words but the wrong reaction. Great friend, bad poker player.

Monger - Organized hoarder. Salesman. Historian. Ethically questionable.