Thousands of years ago the Founders combined their powers to create an equitable society governed by contagions inserted into their blood. After nearly a hundred Rulers, one man split the singular power of reign between his three sons, severing the Legion.

Now, the brothers clash over turf, the Function drug trade, and their family’s fate.

The Ceremony is coming.

The Curse of the Generations holds strong.

One dagger and one soul will determine their liberation or annihilation.

Can the daughters of the Claimed rise to tame the men bound by retribution?



The running is over.

No one escapes the Legions.

 Motorcycle mechanic Sly Morgan has been running his whole life, from his parents’ past, and now, from the Legion drug dealers who murdered his family.

 His only salvation is Gracious, a Claimed woman driven by strength and compassion, bound to her own web of deceit and forced servitude.

 When the Ruler’s daughter finds him, she plunges her father’s dagger into Sly’s heart. The antigen within grants Sly a name and a purpose but enslaves him to the Legion, a ritualized underworld hidden in modern day Chicago.

 “A soul for a soul, a death for a death. Your heart, blood run slow and remain dammed forever more.

I Claim you.”

Grim Cover.png


 Grim’s Ruler had taught him well — dress me, obey me, suffer.

Sovereign Shield to the youngest of the three Ruler brothers, Grim fights to regain the humanity he lost to the Legions.

The code of the Shields is his only salvation. A code the three brothers battle to destroy.

 Feisty waitress Sensual, recently Claimed and sentenced to the designation of Service, refuses to devalue her life and accept her new fate.

 Trapped in their Ruler’s war against his brothers and the ticking clock of the Ceremony, Grim lowers his safeguards to gain Sensual’s trust.

She wrapped her fingers in the back of his shirt. “Let yourself want something, just for you.”

“An end. That’s what I want.”

“No, something that could bring you peace.”

“The only way I know to find peace is to die.”


Book three in the Legions of the Claimed series coming 2019.


Book four in the Legions of the Claimed series coming 2020